Harry Franchetti was born in Glasgow and studied at both Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art. On leaving college, and after a brief foray with teaching, Harry spent 2 years working for Jim Henson. This work focused mostly on Henson's innovative film 'Dark Crystal'. Taking experience from the variety of techniques used while working for Henson, Harry then spent a period sculpting portraits for wax artist Lynne Kramer. I found this work so challenging that the fascination for capturing more than just the image has never left me.

Subsequent years of working on film and advertising gave Harry the opportunity of having a large London studio from where he could make private commissions at the same time as working for inspirational clients such as Aardman animations, Gerry Anderson, Pizzazz Pictures, and 3 Peach. His studio also assisted other artists including Eduardo Paulozzi, Mark Quinn and Ron Mueck.

Harry now spends most of his time in his house in Devon although maintaining a small studio in London. His work is mostly figurative, casting in both bronze and resin. Recent work includes large portrait masks which are often gilded and painted in oils.